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July 25, 2010 - 2:13:06 pm   Other

In My Mother's Mouth & Down Her Throat Nightly !!!

My Mom’s not very good looking (skinny and ugly, actually) but she does have really, really BIG tits (34-FF) that hang down to her waist!

One day I came home early from Jr. High School and I hadn’t ejaculated in four or five days so I was in a BIG hurry to
“get off” (if you know what I mean) and I didn’t check to see if I was home alone.

My Mother caught me in her bedroom jacking off into one of her industrial-strength bras (2-inch wide shoulder straps and SIX hooks in the back!!!) and asked me if I’d rather do it with her breasts. I was scared and didn’t know what to say, but my 13 year-old hard cock and bloated balls insisted that I say, “yes”, so I did.

Mom got undressed, sat on the edge of her bed, offered up those great big heavy hanging tits of hers to me, and showed me how to titty-fuck her tits!


As I was frantically thrusting away, my Mother had her head bent down and as my
cock thrust up from between her tits at the top of every “up” stroke, she’d kiss the head of my cock with her ruby-red lips. It felt so good that in no time at all, there was no “down” stroking at all: just the machinegun up-up-up-up-up thrusting into my Mother’s
warm sucking mouth!

After only a few seconds of that, my Mom let go of her tits and grabbed a hold of both of my ass cheeks and “helped” me by pulling me deeper into her mouth. It wasn’t deep enough so I grabbed the back of Mom’s head with both hands and started fucking her
face with every thing I had!

Guys, if you remember what it was like when you got your very first blowjob and what it felt like when you ejaculated, then you’ll have a small idea (maybe about 1%) of what it felt like when I emptied my bloated 13 year-old balls of their incestuous seed in my Mother's cocksucking mouth and down her throat for the very first time !!!

And for the past three years it’s always the same thing EVERY night !!!

I LUV MY MOM !!![grin]