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January 23, 2011 - 4:55:21 pm   Other

My god, I feel like killing something.
So, ive been hanging around with this girl for the last year.
A few weeks ago I told her I loved her.
We have continued hanging out, she is still asking me places. I havent had much alone time to talk with her recently though, which is nasty.
My "friends" who I have known for a lesser amount of time, have started to hang out with her recently. These "freinds" have started treating me differently, as if, I suddenly have meaning. These "freinds" obviously think, "hey, she's an attractive lass, she has been hanging around with him for a long time, but there is obviously nothing between them, or they would be going out by now, so its obviously OK for me to get close to him as well before making my move"

Fuck you, I was moving at a comfortable pace, for the both of us, you fucks. So, basically, if someone interrupts my nicely planned week, I'll have their fucking head.

Im interested in HER, and her alone. I want NOTHING to do with you. Stop buying her things, stop interrupting the peace I get from being alone with her, and STOP trying to be nice to me, fuck off!
Normally, Im a nice guy. A bit too much of a nice guy, and im very shy. If I could, I'd erase my feelings for her, and i'd be helping you out. But no way, not this time. Fuck you.

This week will end with me, going out with her. She knows how I feel, I have given her warning, and I AM going to make you feel god damn fucking awful, but thats your own fault.