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May 31, 2012 - 7:35:12 pm   Politics

I decided to bring home a stray cat from school one day, I named her Tipsy. My mom easly accepted her and we took her to the vet for some shots. I have two Lesbian friends who gave me a lift home the day I decided to addopt Tipsy.

We whent to the vet for Tipsy's shoots. The vet soon told us that Tipsy is pregnant. I argued and pleaded my mom not to let Tipsy have an abortion, Finaly my mom subcumed.
My Lesbian friends were super happy to know she was preggo and decided to come over regularly on her last week of pregnancy. They were the first people I called when Tipsy was showing the sighns of going into labour.

Finaly after about 7 hours in my room offering Tipsy moral support, she gave birth to 3 healthy kittens.
A black and white one, a gray and white one, and a compleatly black one.

A few weeks passed and the kittens began to run and play, when my parents had to leave on a buiness trip. I was left to stay at my aunts and my mom came up with the briliant idea of leaving my lesbian friends cat sit for me. So I took Tipsy and her 3 kitties and drove to there house.

I visited the kitties as ofthen as I could, mostly bringing my boyfriend along. I quickly learned there personalities. I knew one thing for certian. I did NOT want the gray one. I made it clear to them allready. My mom said we could keep one babie and my friends say they would take two, even before the kittens where born.

The week passed fast and it was time to take my kitties back home.
I brought my boyfriend with me, as I was feeling uneasy taking the Oh-So-Beloved cats back.

Thats when the girliest one of the two told me the news.
Apperantly, the black kitty and the black and white one (Bear & Boe) have already "addopted them" and where already "too mature" and "The mom rejected them, so they wont drink milk" "The gray one is stil underdeveloped! It NEEDS it mom!" and if I tryed to take them all home "they would get confuzed" and its "for the best of the cats"

My boyfriend started to step it, because I was left with no words to counter attack "Her mom chose the black kitty, and she paid good money for that cat" "yeah, well I payed alot of money for the new litterbox, litter, food and toys for them!"

Things started to get a lil' ugly so her manly partner steped in and tryed to calm down stating that "Jinxy is not an ugly cat!"
Jinxy... urg I hate that name, so unoriginal!

Defeted we took the cats home and as my boyfriend drove us, I fought the constant urge to toss the ugly gray kitten out of the window.

By the looks of this, they were planning this all along. Everytime I look at Quack (I named her that, because shes the ugly duckling of the litter) I cant help but getting so frustrated and angry.
I just got Tipsy opertated today so she cant have kids anymore, and she is now rejecting Quack to drink. LOVELY.