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May 18, 2011 - 5:13:09 pm   Religion & Spirituality

Okay. This rant is not meant to offend anybody but...
I'm a pagan, okay? Both my parents think witchcraft is evil. It isn't. And I don't go around shoving my religion down everyone's throat like those Jehova's witnesses. You don't see me knocking on your door saying "follow my beliefs or rot in a lake of fire with a scary man that has red skin, a beard, and a pitchfork." I don't say "Believe this or else." Why? BECAUSE IT'S WRONG! It's none of your business what everyone else believes in, and to be honest, Christianity is one of the most hypocritical religions I think ever created. First of all, God supposedly says that if you don't believe in him, he'll condemn you. If you don't obey him, he may just kill you, right? Right. But he loves you. And how the hell is he his own father? And it's been scientifically proven people, that a woman can not have a baby without a man's sperm so therefore Jesus couldn't have existed, even though he's worshipped. Honestly. I'm not going to spend my life talking in my head to some guy sitting up in the sky on a cloud just because a million years ago some rib-woman was forced by a talking snake to eat an apple. No thank you. Wow. Really, Christianity? Really? We pagans have been around longer. We know the truth, and guess what's not true? CHRISTIANITY! So next time you're thinking about knocking on my door and telling me to follow your beliefs, I'd think twice unless you want a piece of my mind and a broken nose. How would I break your nose? I wouldn't. The door would when it hits you in the face because I'd slam it that hard.